I don’t know if you have any idea of who Paul Potts or Bianca Ryan are. By the way, do you remember the names of all OT’s winners? Neither do I. But it seems to me that it isn’t important at all. The truth is that they have achieved their dream and may be have earned lots of money.
Another important element is their talent. Can we compare either Potts or Ryan with any of our spanish winners? Listen to them and decide. You don’t need to vote (no SMS available).
You choose. Listen to them for gist, to practise your English or to see the diferences among talent here and there, the american vs british English…

Have you read that? Does it work with any language?
Sgeun un etsduio de una uivenrsdiad ignlsea, no ipmotra el odren en el que las ltears etsan ersciats, la uicna csoa ipormtnate es que la pmrirea y la utlima ltera esten ecsritas en la psiocion cocrrtea. El rsteo peuden estar ttaolmntee mal y aun pordas lerelo sin pobrleams. Etso es pquore no lemeos cada ltera por si msima preo la paalbra es un tdoo. Pesornamelnte me preace icrneilbe…

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